Photo Booth at Wedding

Pros and Cons of Having a Photo Booth at Wedding

More than rituals and interaction with the relatives, the wedding has become a day for photo sessions. Not just for the bride and bridegroom, clicking photos is an interesting element for the guests present at the wedding. The craze of wedding photography has increased to such an extent that people have started getting photo booths. It’s a designated corner for clicking beautiful, interesting, and quirky photos.

Though the inclusion of a photo booth at a wedding is an exceptional idea, it’s not feasible for all. Or, you can say it’s not required by all. There is always a confusion in the mind before connecting with a photo booth rental company that’s whether you should or shouldn’t. If you are also one of them, then we will make it easy for you.

In this post, we have listed the pros and cons of a Photo Booth at a Wedding. Know the reasons and decide wisely.

Pros of renting a photo booth


Will add an interactive factor-You do not want your wedding to be a boring affair for your guests. A fun element should always be there to entertain your guests and remove the boredom from your reception. Adding a photo booth at a wedding gives another option to the guests other than the dance floor and heading to food stalls directly. To make it more interactive, you should implement different ideas.

Will add another set of photos– Clicking photos or making videos on the stage with the same pose makes a photo album monotonous. Even though you hire a professional wedding photographer, the look of the photos will be similar to the same background. With a photo booth at a wedding, you will another set of photos to remember your dream night. The energy in the atmosphere will get doubled with less formality.

Photo Booth at Wedding

Photo Booth at Wedding

Cons of renting a photo booth


Not suitable for formal weddings– If you are organizing a super formal wedding with the guests who would not like to participate in a photo booth, then renting one is not suitable. The addition of a photo booth in certain formal settings feels out of place and unwelcome. Also, it will stay unused lying in one corner of your wedding venue.

Not advised if space is less in your venue-If the wedding venue has limited space with no way to fit a photo booth without disrupting the overall flow and layout, it’s not advised to get one. Though it will be a beautiful addition, it will crowd the venue and make it difficult for the guests to move. And truly speaking nothing is worse than a crowded reception space.

Not possible in a restricted wedding budget- Wedding expenses are significantly high and adding an element just for clicking photos would not be right. We all know that every penny counts when planning a wedding, so think what’s important before heading to a photo booth rental company. A photo booth might shift your budget to a great extent.

Keeping these reasons in mind, you should decide if renting a photo booth for your wedding is a viable option.

Talking about the cons, you will find many rental companies or wedding planners offering formal photo booth settings for a formal wedding arrangement. Also, they would fix a Photo Booth in a limited space by using virtual backdrops and cut the cost by offering DIY booths. So, nothing is impossible if you connect with the right company.

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